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Managing emails from your CRM is a remarkable way for the sales team to increase their bottom line. This is an essential tool needed to increase your outreach with your current clients and prospects

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MailChimp helps people to create the email campaign in a very professional manner to broadcast the message efficiently and timely. One can integrate MailChimp with Salesmate using webhooks. Use our powerful workflows to automate your emails. Once you do this integration you can send targeted emails to specific lists of customers and clients with just a few clicks.

MailChimp CRM integration with Salesmate enables you to send the newsletter, product, and sales related updates to your MailChimp list. This integration automates a process and makes your sales life easy by saving a good amount of time.

Another way of integrating MailChimp with Salesmate CRM is via Zapier. Make a ZAP with MailChimp to win more. Salesmate gives you a good overview of your sales pipeline which helps you to focus on right deal timely.

  • Every time you update a status field of a user in Salesmate CRM, you can update the detail of the user in Mailchimp sending them to a different segment or adding them to a different list.
  • Based on a certain tag of your contact, you can push that contact into Mailchimp into a certain list, drip campaign, or segment.
  • Keep Salesmate as your source of truth data, and send updates to Mailchimp so you can send them to specific campaigns but still keep the personal touch in Salesmate if needed.

These are everyday situations that can happen in your business and Salesmate and Mailchimp can make your life easier. Reach out to our team if you are having an issue seamlessly integrating. Try Mailchimp CRM integration today!

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