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Salesmate enables every sales rep to be productive, focused, and crush their quota consistently.


Sales reps’ CRM problems 😖

Sales reps love selling and talking to customers but hate feeding CRMs with data just to keep their management happy. It slows
them down, and especially when it does not help them be more productive and close more deals.

Does any of these sound familiar?
  • I end-up spending hours on keeping CRM up-to-date
  • I forgot to log the data in the CRM
  • I don’t know why we use CRM, it does not help me sell
  • CRM is for sales managers, not for sales reps
  • Our CRM is too compliacated and it takes forever
  • I need to generate more leads to hit my quota
  • What am I missing to be the rockstar sales rep
  • and the list does not end here…


Here is how Salesmate improves the life of sales reps

Salesmate understands what the sales reps need in order to perform their best, and that’s how Salesmate is designed- to deliver
the best-in-class features that are not only user-friendly but also reduce your workload.



Reach 50% more prospects on any channel in a fraction of time with automated emails, calls, texts and follow-ups. Use powerful prospecting features such as email templates, tracking, bulk campaigns to automate touchpoints.

Engage more prospects in less time
Generate more qualified leads quickly


Capture and convert more prospects into sales qualified leads (SQLs) with Salesmate’s automated nurturing and follow-ups; Identify hot leads from the cold ones using built-in lead scoring and smart segementation

data entry automation

data entry automation

Salesmate automatically syncs and tracks your emails, meetings, calls, notes, and follow-ups to the right contact and deals – saves you time and pain everyday so you can focus on selling not on data entry

No more manual activity tracking in CRM
Automate the repeatitive tasks
workflow automation

workflow automation

Do you loose time updating records, writing emails, reporting status, and making data entry? Salesmate eliminates the repeatative and non-productive admin tasks with industry-leading workflow automations

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sales pipeline

sales pipeline

Get a clear view of every deal and its status with our visual sales pipeline; See which deals need attention right now and what you need to do next – no deals will fall through the cracks means more deals won

Know which deals need your attention
Use 360° insights to have better conversations
contact management

contact management

Import your contacts into the Salesmate CRM with ease, and get a 360° view of your contacts. Automatically get every detail like company name, contact number and email address with Auto profile enrichment.



Automate your emails and text follow-ups with Sales Sequences so that you never miss a chance to connect with your prospects and clients, while saving more time for selling.

Put your follow-ups on autopilot
Get instant alert for IMP events


Engage prospects instantly when they open or click your email or text contents; Stay on top of the action with real-time notifications for events such as assignments, updates, wins, and mentions on all your devices

“I have tried, literally, more than 50 CRMs and
Salesmate is the best I have found!

Commission Funding LLC
roy Weinberg Commission Funding lLC
Pranav Dev

Improved sales effectiveness. It’s got everything we need, works efficiently and it is affordable. The team picked this over all of the others and they’re using it. Great sales app.

Robert Allen Principal - RKA Ventures, LLC


Make, receive, and record calls, send and receive emails and texts, send meeting invites, and collaborate with your entire team from a single easy to use interface – no more switching between inbox, apps, and CRM

No more switching apps - all communication tools are included
Get more calls answered

buili -in calling

Talk to more prospects with local numbers in 80+ countries for calling and texting; Get better with calls using insights and feedback; Make 20% more calls in a day with automated dialing and voicemail drops

  • Built-in Dialer
  • Call Recording
  • Voicemail Drop
  • Power Dialer
  • Mobile Calling
  • Local Numbers
team inbox

team inbox

Use the carefully designed features such as mentions, alerts, team inbox, and many more to collaborate with your entire team anytime and anywhere to win and grow together

  • Team Inbox
  • Mentions
  • Notes
  • Call Transfer
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Team Alerts
Sell together as a team and close more deals
Use insights to be the top closer

activity insights

Know more about your progress on each deal, plan your next steps and crush your quotas with powerful insights; Improve your performance and conversations with best practices, and personalized coaching


Keep up with your leads, follow-ups, and customer even when you are on the road with the most complete sales and calling apps for mobile and tablet devices.

Call from anywhere


Use it with your favorite apps

Salesmate integrates with 700+ business apps including Google Apps, Microsoft, and Zapier

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