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Take your email campaigns to the next level with Salesmate’s smart emails. Create, personalize, automate, and deliver emails that connect with your clients.


Smart emails – Connect and engage with
your prospects at the right time


Has your email marketing strategy reached a dead end? Not having a streamlined process for executing campaigns can hamper your growth.

  • Lose track of conversation while juggling between
    multiple platforms.
  • Bulk emails do not seem to attract much
  • Manual follow-ups are time-consuming.
  • I am not aware who opened my emails.
  • Delayed response results in lost opportunities.


Salesmate’s smart emails automate your marketing and sales campaigns and help you deliver emails with confidence.

  • Send personalized emails to build lasting relationships.
  • Engage more with every prospect using automated follow-ups.
  • Send bulk emails and reach out to more prospects.
  • Track your emails and analyze the performance.
  • Get notified of every important email conversation.
Smart emails – Connect and engage with your prospects at the right time


Execute email campaigns like a pro with smart emails

Build lasting relationships with contextual conversations using smart emails. Interact and delight your prospects by
sending emails at the right time.

Use pre-defined email templates and save time

Email templates

Don’t spend your time creating every email from scratch; use well-crafted email templates to leave a lasting impression on your leads. Send automated emails using email templates and build a library for your team with just a few clicks.

Use pre-defined email templates and save time
Keep track of every conversation with smart BCC
Keep track of every conversation with smart BCC

Capture every email conversation

Salesmate’s smart BCC enables you to keep a log of every email conversation. Irrespective of your email provider or client, forward every important email to the personalized BCC email address to never miss out on an important conversation. Salesmate automates the process by recognizing the email address and attaching it to the right deal or contact.

Email personalization

Email personalization

Make your email stand out from the rest; send personalized emails that connect with your leads and get better responses. Capture the attention of more leads by utilizing this feature even while sending bulk emails and convert more prospects into customers.

Send personalized emails
Track your email performance
Email Report

Email Report

Salesmate’s actionable email insights eliminate guesswork and provide accurate reports for tracking email performance. Track email opens and clicks to analyze which subject line or CTA is working well with your prospects. Track the performance of your emails and optimize them to reach more clients.

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Get notified in real-time

Do you often miss out on potential leads because of delayed response? Get email notifications whenever a prospect opens your email or clicks on the link and never miss out on any hot leads. Reach out to your prospects at the right time and close more deals.

Increase delivery rate with custom domains
Automate your emails
Activities and automation

Email automation

Automate your engagement with prospects by setting up an email workflow that will automatically send email based on actions performed by them. All this without any human interference.


Email Threading

Engage with context and delight your customers with email threading. It groups all the emails from a conversation in one thread, so you never miss out on any important information about your client.

Organize your conversations with Email Threading
Put your follow-up emails on auto pilot
Automate your outreach and follow-ups

Automate your outreach and follow-ups

Is manual follow-up time-consuming? Now, automate your follow-up emails by using sequences and convert more prospects into customers with targeted emails.

Learn more about Sales sequences

Improve your team productivity with the best sales and business suites

No more spam

No more spam

Have a conversation that increases your brand value and builds credibility. Use custom domains that reflect your personalized domain name instead of the default name, so it increases the sending reputation of your emails and gains trust from prospects.

Increase delivery rate with custom domains
Solve customer queries quickly with team inbox
Team Inbox

Team Inbox

Increase your response time and keep your customers satisfied by using a shared team inbox. Connect with other teammates with a simple @mention and solve your customer’s queries in no time. Build a collaborative environment for your team to improve their performance and delight your customers.

Learn more about Team inbox


email sync

Eliminate the hassle of juggling between multiple platforms to send and receive emails. Now, work inside Salesmate with easy email sync. Whether it’s Gmail, Outlook, or any other email system, connect it with Salesmate CRM and manage all your conversations from one platform.

Sync with any email system


Keep up with your leads, follow-ups, and customers even when you are on the road with the most complete sales and calling apps for mobile and tablet devices.

  • iPhone & iPad iPhone & iPad
  • AndroidAndroid
Call from anywhere


Leverage smart emails to build a seamless
communication channel

Send onboarding emails
Send onboarding emails

Once your prospect signs up, you can shoot a series of emails that helps them at every stage of onboarding.

Execute promotional campaigns
Execute promotional campaigns

Use smart emails to notify your subscribers about promotional offers that can benefit them.

Nurture every prospect
Nurture every prospect

Personalize the communication and greet your prospects and clients on their birthday or anniversary.

Email invites for future events
Email invites for future events

Share the information of a special event with subscribers to encourage participation.

Newsletters & announcements
Newsletters & announcements

Spread the word about a product launch with announcement emails in your weekly or monthly newsletters.

Internal emails to stay informed
Internal emails to stay informed

Know the inside information of your organization and the latest updates by using smart emails.

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