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What is Salesmate Score?

Salesmate Score: Spend your time on the most relevant prospects 

Salesmate Score is a simple scoring system to identify the best leads, subscribers, prospects, customers, and partners based on your criteria. 

Salesmate Score comes with the Automation Journeys (a.k.a. Marketing Automation) add-on of our CRM. 

If you’re already familiar with Automation Journeys, you can easily spot the “Change Score” option in journey creation. 

If you’re entirely new to Automation Journeys, I’d recommend reading this resource for a better understanding. 

Salesmate Score will work based on the actions and conditions you set in journeys.  

You can increase or decrease scores for a particular contact using automation. 

It also comes with a Deprecating Score, especially useful when the number of days is useful in conversations. 

You can easily access Salesmate Score in the detailed contact view.  

And with September 2022 product updates, you can easily see Salesmate Score next to the Contact profile picture

Let’s learn with some examples. 

Enrich lead profiles and give high-quality MQLs to sales

Marketing teams can use the Salesmate Score to identify the most relevant leads for sales teams using various parameters. 

We’ll start with a simple one. 

Let’s assume social media profiles are very crucial for your business.  

You simply want social media profiles for every lead in your database, and that’s non-negotiable (for the sake of learning!) 

Well, you can create an Automation Journey like this to increase/decrease the Salesmate Score of a lead so you can send high-value MQLs to sales. 

Salesmate Score 1

The automation will check if there’s a LinkedIn URL in lead profile (Contacts in Salesmate).

It will increase the Salesmate Score to 10 for relevant contacts if it finds the correct URL.

Quite simple, right? 

This is how the journey would look like for all social media profiles combined: 

Salesmate Score 2

Marketing teams can easily leverage fields like the below to find the best leads from the crowd and send them to sales: 

  • Job Title 
  • Country 
  • UTM Source, Medium, or Campaign 
  • Referral URL 
  • Event Type 
  • Even fields like Industry, Age, Gender, etc. (Depending upon your ICP.) 

You can create journeys like this and set up a scoring system that suits your business needs. 

Score leads for better sales closures 

Salesmate Score can literally work as a Lead Scoring mechanism.  

This is directly useful to improve sales team productivity as they can find the most relevant leads to chat with. 

At Salesmate, we use our own scoring system to find the best prospects, so we can spend time with the most suitable prospects. 

This is a sample journey for lead scoring: 

Salesmate Score 3

Needless to say, the lead scoring can be different for every business. But with Salesmate Journeys, you can design your ideal lead scoring system very easily! 

Salesmate Score: Diverse use cases 

If you look at Salesmate Score, it’s basically an automation-backed scoring technique based on triggers and conditions you decide.  

This score can have a variety of use cases depending upon your industry and business model.  

It’s safe to say, Salesmate Score can be a numeric representation of anything you want! 

Here are some use cases you can experiment with: 

Use cases How to do it? Who can benefit? 
Reduce customer churn Use Events to identify the last activity from users. CX teams, especially in SaaS, actively want to reduce churn. 
Find the most active prospect to sell You can use Salesmate Score in combination with email marketing.  Reach out to prospects who open a specific link in your emails because that’s a signal of interest. Marketers and individuals that sell educational courses and materials. 
Identify your fans Use Salesmate Score to identify who opens and reads your emails the most. Anyone using email marketing and sends out regular newsletters.  These fans can become your future customers. 
Find the best channel partners Use Salesmate Score in combination with sources and mediums from where you get new customers. SaaS businesses that use Partner Channels for new signups.  
Identify the top content collaborators Break down your marketing outreach process in a pipeline. Salesmate Score can find you the best content collaborators based on your criteria. Content marketers and link builders from any industry. 

Think Salesmate Score is useful? 

It’s a byproduct of our add-on – Automation Journeys, and it works with every pricing plan of Salesmate. 

With Journeys, you can literally automate sales, marketing, and CX processes and spend your time on more meaningful tasks. 

Reach out to support@salesmate.io to use Automation Journeys with your current Salesmate account. 

If you’re new to Salesmate, take a 15-day free trial and explore every corner of our CRM.  

Kashyap Trivedi

Kashyap Trivedi is working with an awesome marketing team at Salesmate CRM. He is deeply interested in learning digital marketing trends and try them out! When he’s not working, you’ll find him reading a good book or meditating.

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