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  • Collect new applications right into your CRM
  • Connect with applicants and evaluate them
  • Hire the best talent for you or your clients

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Recruitment CRM is a software platform that helps businesses, recruitment agencies, and consultants to collect new applications, evaluate them, and hire the best talent for themselves or their clients.

The requirements for companies, agencies, and consultants might differ, but the goals are very simple.

You want to manage, communicate, and hire the applicants for the required positions!

Recruitment CRM Software: The need analysis

Businesses, recruitment agencies, and independent consultants all need a CRM for recruitment. But their needs differ a little bit.
Let’s look at what exactly they need and the kind of features they expect from an ideal CRM for hiring the finest talent.

  • Want to collect applications from various sources automatically. But mainly from their career pages
  • Get the data right into their CRM
  • Want to communicate with candidates using emails, calls, and texts
  • Assign various tasks to their teammates based on the progress of hiring
  • Keep up-to-date with the progress of each hire
  • Shoot highly personalized campaigns to potential candidates for the upcoming job openings
  • Automate the communication process to take assessment tests
  • Automate onboarding experience for new employees
  • Get insights on hiring progress and improve the internal processes
  • Communication channels to constantly stay in touch with candidates as well as clients
  • Map each candidate with the right client
  • Manage existing clients and drive new clients
  • Manage separate pipelines for candidate progress and prospects
  • Sales channels to close more clients
  • Shoot highly personalized campaigns to prospects and improve the chances of conversion
  • Collect candidate applications from multiple their-party recruitment portals
  • Stay in touch with candidates for periodic feedback and improve their internal processes
  • Get insights on sales and revenue fronts and simplify internal sales process

Businesses want to constantly hire for
themselves and agencies want to balance the
client needs with candidate flow.

  • Automation capabilities to assign tasks, collect applications, or send automated communications
  • Communication channels like Emails, Calls, and Texts built-in
  • Pipeline management to manage candidate progress or probable customers
  • Create personalized campaigns using Sequences or Email Marketing
  • Reports & dashboards for insights on hiring progress and new client onboarding

Why you should consider Salesmate as your recruitment CRM?

Whether you’re leading recruitment in a business with a team or you’re a hiring agency, Salesmate has
everything you need to efficiently recruit the best talent!


  • Set-up an automated chatbot to drive applicants to the
    right opening landing pages
  • Use custom forms to collect new applications or leads
    for your agency
  • Connect Salesmate with external sources to collect new
    applications or new leads via Zapier
  • Bring fresh entries right into your CRM!
Bring in new applications automatically
Connect with applicants & clients from CRM


  • Make calls with built-in phone system
  • Sync your emails in Salesmate and manage your entire inbox!
  • Send text messages to applicants or clients without leaving
  • Book interview calls & client meetings right from Salesmate’s Meeting Scheduler


  • Maintain separate pipelines for applicants and clients
  • Customize every stage of the pipeline as per your
  • Manage unlimited deals in drag & drop Kanban board
  • Customize deal cards and make it more personalized for your workstyle!
Unlimited pipeline, unlimited deals!
Work together with top-notch efficiency


  • Manage common inboxes like career@company.com from a
    common inbox using Shared Inbox
  • Follow & assign conversations. Guide your teammates with
    personal notes
  • Assign tasks to your teammates with Workflow Automation


  • 2X your calling efficiency with Power Dialer
  • Use Sequences to take automated email or text follow-up
    based on your preferred timezone
  • Craft re-usable email templates with drag & drop email builder
  • Build & execute high-quality campaigns in minutes using Automation Journeys
  • Evaluate candidates or score leads with custom Salesmate Score
Why do it when you can automate!
Insights that can take your processes up a notch!


  • Custom Dashboard for the data you want to see first thing in
    the morning
  • Create crucial reports in just a few clicks!
  • Use premade widgets and report templates to supercharge
    your work
  • Insight on marketing campaigns and sequences for every
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Find answers!

What is a recruitment CRM?

Recruitment CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a platform that helps recruitment agencies manage their customer relationships.

It provides an integrated approach to tracking and managing interactions with potential candidates and clients, streamlining the process of filling vacancies quickly and efficiently.

Having all relevant recruitment pipeline in one place allows recruiters to easily identify opportunities, track progress, and measure results.

Why do I need a recruitment CRM?

In today’s competitive job market, having the right recruitment CRM software is crucial for recruitment agencies and HR departments. Here’s why:

1. Efficient management of candidate data:

With the best recruitment CRM, you can centralize all candidate information, ensuring comprehensive candidate profiles are easily accessible and manageable.

2. Tracking communications:

Whether it’s through job boards, social media platforms, or direct emails, a recruitment CRM ensures all interactions with potential and qualified candidates are logged and retrievable.

3. Automation of tasks:

From interview scheduling to posting on popular job boards, recruiting CRM software automates routine tasks, streamlining the recruitment processes.

4. Enhanced candidate experience:

A CRM for recruitment agencies ensures candidates, both active and passive, have a seamless experience from job posting to interviews.

5. Data-driven decisions:

With detailed reports and analytics features in recruitment CRM systems, you can make informed hiring decisions based on real-time data.

6. Future-proofing recruitment:

CRM software for recruiting helps in building talent pools, ensuring a continuous flow of potential candidates for future hiring needs.

7. Recruitment marketing tools:

Modern recruitment CRM software often comes with tools to enhance your recruitment marketing efforts, reaching out to candidates on various platforms.

8. Integration with other tools:

The best recruitment CRM system integrates seamlessly with applicant tracking systems, communication tools, and other software solutions, enhancing the entire recruiting process.

How to use a CRM for recruiting?

CRM can help recruiters to create an effective recruitment process. It allows them to:

  • Identify and prioritize the best candidates for a vacancy
  • Track missing documents or information from applicants
  • Schedule and track interviews in one place
  • Establish stronger candidate relationships during the process
  • Send automated emails to keep the candidates informed
  • Retain data from unsuccessful applicants for future reference

By using a recruitment CRM, recruiters can save time and money while ensuring a smooth hiring process. It makes finding qualified candidates easier and keeps all their data organized in one place.

This not only facilitates the recruitment process but also enhances the hiring procedure. With the right recruiting CRM in place, recruiters are able to access all of their data quickly and easily.

How can a CRM for recruitment agencies help find the best candidates?

CRM for recruitment agencies helps to identify and prioritize the best candidates. In order to find candidates who meet their requirements, recruiters can search through a database of potential hires.

By using filters such as industry experience, qualifications, and skillset, recruiters can quickly narrow down their list of possible candidates.

Recruitment CRMs also help to create a better candidate experience. Automated emails can be used to send out relevant information, such as job descriptions, interview dates and times, or company updates.

This helps to keep candidates engaged throughout the process and creates an efficient and enjoyable user experience.

In addition, CRMs provide the tools to measure a recruitment agency’s performance. Recruiters can use this information to discover problems and create future success plans.

Using a recruitment CRM allows agencies to streamline their hiring process, quickly find the right candidates, and create an improved candidate experience. This ultimately leads to better results and more successful hires in the long run.

Overall, a recruitment CRM is essential for any recruitment agency looking to find the best talent and efficiently manage its hiring process. With the right features and data management capabilities, recruiters can quickly identify qualified candidates and track progress throughout the recruitment process.

This leads to better outcomes and improved results in the long run. With recruitment CRM, agencies can save time and money while ensuring a smooth and successful hiring process.

What features should I look for in recruitment CRM software?

Some of the key features to look for in recruitment CRM software include:

1. Data management capabilities:

This helps to keep all relevant data organized in one place. Candidate tracking and scoring tools help recruiters quickly identify and prioritize the best candidates.

2. Interview scheduling tools:

Automated emails can be sent out to organize interviews with potential candidates.

3. Performance tracking:

This allows recruiters to measure their recruitment performance and develop strategies for success in the future.

4. Application capture:

This feature enables recruiters to capture important information from applicants directly into the CRM by integrating the CRM with job portals.

5. Pipeline for managing multiple clients and positions:

With the help of this feature, recruiters can manage the hiring process more easily by keeping track of various clients and positions.

6. Retain data from unsuccessful applicants:

This helps recruiters save time by storing information about unsuccessful applicants in a database for future reference.

By leveraging the right recruitment CRM software, recruiting teams can improve their hiring process and make better-informed decisions when it comes to finding the best talent.

By investing in a reliable CRM system, recruiters can ensure that their recruitment process is streamlined and efficient. This leads to better results and more successful hires in the long run.

What are the benefits of using a CRM for in-house HR, agencies, and consultants?

Using a recruitment CRM provides numerous benefits for in-house HR, agencies and consultants.

1. Benefits of using a CRM for in-house HR:

  • Streamlined hiring process: Using recruitment CRM to streamline the hiring process to find qualified applicants becomes simple and quick.
  • Organized data management: All data can be organized in a central place, making it easy to access the data at any time.
  • Efficient candidate tracking & scoring: This helps recruiters quickly identify and prioritize the best candidates.
  • Performance tracking: This allows recruiters to measure their recruitment performance and develop strategies for successful hires in the future.

2. Benefits of using a CRM for recruitment agencies:

  • Save time: Automated emails help to save time by sending out relevant information, such as reminders, to potential candidates.
  • Improved candidate experience: The recruitment process is more organized and efficient, leading to a better overall experience for applicants.

3. Benefits of using a CRM for recruitment consultants:

  • Increased efficiency: Recruitment consultants can manage the entire recruitment process from a single platform.
  • Faster decision-making: Recruiters have access to all the required information to make decisions quickly and effectively because all pertinent data is kept in one location.
  • Better insights into hiring trends: This helps recruiters to make informed decisions on which candidates to target and how best to approach them.

A recruitment CRM offers a range of benefits for in-house HR, agencies, and consultants. By leveraging the right features and capabilities, recruiters can save time and effort while ensuring the successful hiring of top talent.

Investing in reliable recruitment CRM software will help to streamline and optimize the recruitment process.

What are some of the tasks recruiters do in a CRM daily?

Recruiters using a CRM can perform daily tasks including:

  • Organizing and managing candidate profiles, resumes, cover letters, and other documents.
  • Sending automated emails to schedule interviews with potential candidates.
  • Tracking and monitoring recruitment performance.
  • Creating pipelines for multiple clients and positions.
  • Maintaining a database of unsuccessful applicants.
  • Analyzing recruitment trends and developing strategies for successful hires.
  • Sending out job alerts and notifications to potential candidates.
  • Recording notes and other information about applicants in an organized manner.
  • Updating the CRM with new data as required.

By streamlining the recruitment process with a reliable CRM, recruiters can save time and effort while ensuring the successful hiring of top talent.

With an efficient system in place, they can easily track candidates, manage documents, and analyze performance to optimize their recruitment strategies.

Top 5 Recruitment CRM software.

In today’s competitive hiring landscape, having the right tools is essential for streamlining the recruitment process.

Recruitment CRM software plays a pivotal role in managing candidate relationships and ensuring efficient hiring. Here are the top 5 Recruitment CRM software:

1. Salesmate:

Touted as the best recruitment CRM, Salesmate is specifically tailored to meet the needs of recruitment agencies. It offers comprehensive features that ensure effective candidate management throughout their journey.

2. Recruit CRM:

A popular choice among recruitment agencies, this software offers streamlined job postings and ensures timely interview scheduling.

3. Rippling:

Designed with agencies in mind, Rippling provides robust recruitment software for agencies, focusing on job postings and efficient candidate tracking.

4. Pipedrive:

As a versatile CRM for recruiting, Pipedrive offers a clear view of the recruitment pipeline and integrates seamlessly with other tools.

5. Bullhorn:

Esteemed among large agencies, Bullhorn’s recruitment CRM system prioritizes candidate engagement and provides detailed insights.

Why Salesmate is the best CRM for recruitment?

Salesmate is the best CRM for recruitment because it offers a range of features designed to make managing and streamlining the hiring process easier. These include:

  • Automated emails: This feature allows recruiters to easily send out automated messages such as job alerts or reminders, saving time and effort.
  • Detailed candidate tracking & scoring: This ensures that recruiters can quickly identify and prioritize the best candidates.
  • Performance tracking: With Salesmate, recruiters can measure their recruitment performance and develop strategies for successful hires in the future.
  • Customizable pipelines & job boards: Recruiters can easily create and customize pipelines for multiple clients and positions.
  • Intuitive user interface: With an intuitive design, Salesmate makes navigating the platform easy and quickly access relevant information.

Salesmate is a powerful yet excellent tool for recruiters looking to improve their recruitment process.

Its range of features and capabilities makes it the perfect platform for streamlining and optimizing recruitment. This will help ensure successful hires and improve a recruiter’s competitive advantage.