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Salesmate is crafted by Rapidops – an agency placed in Inc. 5000 list, multiple times. Salesmate is literally developed by one of the finest agencies in the world! We understand the problems agencies face, and we know how to solve them.

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What did we learn about the problems faced
by agencies?

In our conversations with the best digital agencies from US, UK, Canada, and Australia, we got to learn the
core problems agency owners face in running their businesses. If you face one or more of these problems,
the right agency CRM is the solution.

Using multiple tools for communication

Using multiple tools for communication

Most agencies rely on multiple tools for everyday communication.

There’s a separate tool for emails, calls, and texts. And of course, a different tool for meeting scheduling.

There’s data for everything, but in five different sources.

Best CRM for agencies like Salesmate solves that problem for you.

Lack of new business opportunites

Lack of new business opportunites

Agencies follow two structures. Either they find and convert clients themselves or they collaborate with much bigger digital agencies and take their projects under white labeling. Both structures are historically successful, but they are limited.

For agencies bringing their own clients, they constantly need to refine their lead generation and nurturing processes. So the flow of new business is constant.

For agencies that white label, it’s a risky move. They have limited partners, and the agency is largely dependent on these partners. If partners vanish, agencies struggle big time!

For both structures, bringing new business is as crucial as retaining the current ones, and CRM for agencies is the solution.

Unstructured sales process

Unstructured sales process

In our conversations, we discovered that a common problem most agencies have is they lack a proper sales process. Either the sales stages are not defined properly or they lack insights on where exactly their sales pipeline is leaking.

It is crucial to define a proper sales pipeline and assign owners to each stage to maximize sales outcomes.

For most agencies, sales pipelines can be extremely long. That means, salespeople lose track of the deal progress, and end up missing on great opportunities. CRM for agencies solves this exact problem.

The constant change is hard, but there’s no alternative

The constant change is hard, but there’s no alternative

Agencies HAVE to evolve because technology is constantly changing. These changes mean, agencies have to be agile with their processes, workforces, services, business approach, and more.

Missing peak productivity from every individual

Missing peak productivity from every individual

Every team player must contribute 100% to the agency’s overall growth. From marketing team to customer success, everyone needs to be at their peak productivity.

When processes are in place, agencies can take their productivity to the next level. A capable CRM software is going to assist you in the same.

Build long-term relationships

Build long-term relationships

For agencies, gaining a client is not enough. They constantly have to put in the effort to build a connection.

A true relationship that lasts for the long run.

For this, agencies must execute various sales and marketing campaigns, and a CRM for agencies is the perfect partner.

Get the data mustle strong

Get the data muscle strong

Agency sales and marketing teams connect with hundreds of businesses daily. These data is also recorded, but in tens of tools separately.

The reason is quite simple. Agencies use different tools for different needs. All the data needs to be in a common environment so that you can make the best choices for your business.

CRM for digital agencies provides multiple tools, so you don’t have to leave the system often, and all your data is at a central location.

Izak Jackson

I have found Salesmate to be a breeze to use. After looking around for months to try and find a CRM that worked for
my company, Salesmate had everything we needed.

Izak Jackson | Director, Volta Media

  • 20% increase in Sales Pipeline
  • 60% increase in Productivity
  • 30% increase in overall Revenue
  • 2 weeks faster sales cycle


Why Salesmate is undoubtedly one of the best
agency CRM in the world!

Salesmate solves essential problems for your agency from lead capturing to customer satisfaction. Salesmate is not just for
sales teams. It’s a complete solution for marketing and CX teams as well.


Salesmate is literally the best CRM for agencies when it comes to providing communication powers.

You can 2-way sync your inbox and leave your typical inbox behind. Manage your inbox from Salesmate itself!

No need to spend extra on virtual phone system subscriptions. Make calls and send texts right from Salesmate’s Built-in Calling & Texting. That’s not it, Supercharge calling with automation-backed Power Dialer.

Chat with online visitors who are already showing interest in your offerings. Use Salesmate’s Live Chat and turn conversations into deals.

No need to spend extra for scheduling meetings. Salesmate offers a native Meeting Scheduler.

The best thing is, every conversation gets automatically logged!

Connect, convert, close
New business is visiting your website, right now!


Web Forms lets you create beautiful forms and put them on your website or share with anyone to capture crucial information.

Meeting Scheduler helps you book more meetings or demos. Simply create your calendar in Salesmate and share with everyone, even on the website.

Live Chat & Chatbots empowers you to have conversations with visitors and collect their information for further chats.

Find out why agencies love Salesmate!

Experience Salesmate CRM for 15 days, completely free and test every value-driven feature. No credit card required!


Salesmate offers industry-leading pipeline and deal managenent. No doubt about it.

Manage unlimited Contacts & Companies and associate them with deals.

Create unlimited pipelines and deals with customization, period.

Customize pipelines and deals as per your agency style.

Write your sales playbook that brings revenue
Automate processes, communications, and more


Experience peak productivity with Salesmate’s industry-leading automation capabilities.

Workflow Automation empowers you to assign activities, lead distribution, pipeline automation, and more.

Sequences are built for taking automated follow-ups with personalization. Combine emails and texts in Seqeunces and never miss a chance to reach your prospects.

Marketing Automation (aka Automation Journeys) is a supreme feature for automating larger processes and campaigns.

An award-winning software that is top-rated by customers

Hundreds of awards and thousands of customer ratings across all industry outlets.

CRM Software
CRM Software
CRM Software
Best Support
Best Support
CRM for Startups
CRM for Startups
CRM Software
CRM Software
CRM Software
  • 15-day free trial
  • Cancel anytime
  • No credit card required


Execute personalized campaigns using Automation Journeys for marketing and sales campaigns.

Drag-and-drop builder allows you to create the perfect campaign journey with 60+ triggers, conditions, actions, and annotations.

Execute campaigns in minutes and track the most relevant metrics.

  • Lists
  • Campaign Live View
  • Campaign Insights
  • Set Campaign Goals
Cherish relationships with highly personalized campaigns
Turn data into mindful decisions


Salesmate CRM offers custom dashboards and reports, so you can make better choices for your agency.

Quickly identify the trends of sales and pipeline growth and choose your next moves.

Define leaders using sales leaderboard reports and encourage all the members for better sales outcomes.

Automatically generate recurring reports for your clients using automation.

Don’t have time for reports? Get important updates on the dashboard. See important data first thing in the morning.

  • 45+ Dashboard Widgets
  • Sales Goals
  • 30 Pre-made Reports
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Email Notifications of Reports
At a cost every agency can truly afford

Salesmate starts at just $12/user/month. Still, we want you to experience first. Start with our 15-day free trial.


Pricing every agency can afford!

Explore four simple Salesmate pricing plans.


Build & organize your sales function


per user/month

$144, billed annually

Or $15 per user if billed monthly

Automate sales and close more deals


per user/month

$288, billed annually

Or $30 per user if billed monthly
Most Popular

Become a revenue machine


per user/month

$480, billed annually

Or $50 per user if billed monthly

Perfect fit for enterprise sales teams


Connect with our sales team for enterprise pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Find answers!

What is an agency CRM?

An agency CRM is customer relationship management software that helps digital agencies manage their communications, data, reporting, and everyday activities efficiently.

CRM for digital agencies is mainly used to track the flow of sales deals. It mainly answers how many new possible customers are in your pipeline and how many of them are expected to convert as clients. 

What is the best CRM for agencies?

Salesmate is the most affordable CRM for digital agencies because it covers everything a growing agency needs for success.  

You can manage communications using emails, calls, and texts without leaving Salesmate CRM. It saves hundreds of dollars for agencies on VoIP and text messaging subscriptions. 

Salesmate offers an industry-best pipeline management feature where you can customize unlimited pipelines and deals. You can genuinely customize Salesmate, visually and functionally, as per your agency’s needs.  

Salesmate offers tremendous automation capabilities with Sequences, Workflows, and Marketing Automation. 

Salesmate is literally the best solution for agencies at a cost they can afford.  

Use cases of CRM software for agencies?

There are a number of agencies that can benefit from using sales CRM software, including digital agencies, advertising agencies, creative agencies, marketing agencies, and event planning companies.  

By tracking customer interactions and managing customer data, CRM software can help agencies to streamline their operations and provide better service to their clients.  

Additionally, CRM software can help agencies to identify new business opportunities and track the progress of current projects. By tracking customer interactions, agencies can better understand their client’s needs and desires and tailor their services to meet those needs.  

Additionally, by tracking project milestones and deadlines, agencies can ensure that they are meeting their commitments to their clients.  

In short, CRM software can be extremely beneficial to agencies of all types by helping them streamline operations, improve customer service, and identify new business opportunities.

How to choose the best CRM for agencies?

When choosing a CRM software for an agency, it is important to consider the agency’s specific needs. Advertising agencies, for example, may need different features than digital marketing agencies. 

Size of the agency:

The agency’s size will likely dictate the most important features in a CRM software. Smaller agencies may not need as many features as larger agencies, and vice versa. 

Type of agency:

The type of agency will also dictate the most important features in a CRM software. Advertising agencies, marketing agencies, public relations firms, and event planning companies will all have different needs. 


The budget for the CRM software is also an important consideration. Some applications can be very expensive, while others are more affordable. Finding an application that fits within the agency’s budget is important.  

Once the specific needs of the agency have been considered, it is important to compare a number of different CRM software in order to find the best one for the agency. There are number of factors that you need to consider before choosing the right CRM for your agency: 


Does the application have the features that the agency needs?

Usability: Is the application easy to use?

Pricing: Is the application affordable for the agency?

Support: Does the application have good customer support?

These are just a few factors that should be considered when choosing a CRM software for an agency. By taking the time to compare a number of different applications, agencies can be sure to find the best possible CRM solution for their needs.

What are the key CRM features useful for agencies?

There are a number of key CRM features that can be useful for agencies. Some of the most important features include:  

Contact management:  

This feature allows agencies to track customer contact information and interaction history. This is important for keeping track of client relationships and understanding customer needs. 

Lead tracking:  

This feature allows agencies to track potential customers and new business opportunities. This is important for identifying new sales prospects and understanding the sales pipeline. 

Project management:  

This feature allows agencies to track project deadlines, milestones, and progress. This is important for ensuring that projects are on track and meeting client expectations. 


This feature allows agencies to generate reports on customer data, sales data, and project data. This is important for understanding trends and making decisions about future projects. 

Marketing automation: 

This feature allows agencies to automate marketing tasks, such as email marketing and social media campaigns. This is important for saving time and ensuring that marketing campaigns are effective. 

Sales pipeline management: 

This feature allows agencies to track the sales process from start to finish. This is important for understanding where deals are in the pipeline and ensuring that they close in a timely manner. 

Calling and texting:  

This feature allows agencies to directly make and receive calls and texts from the CRM software. This is important for staying in touch with clients and prospects. 

Personalized campaigns: 

This feature allows agencies to create personalized marketing campaigns for each customer. This is important for increasing customer engagement and conversion rates. 


This feature allows agencies to connect CRM software (customer relationship management) with other applications, such as accounting software and email marketing platforms. This is important for creating a seamless workflow and avoiding data silos. 

These are just a few of the key CRM features that can be useful for agencies. By choosing a CRM software with these features, agencies can improve their operations and better serve their clients. 

What are the benefits of using a CRM for an agency?

There are a number of benefits of using a CRM for marketing agency. Some of the most important benefits include:

Improved customer relationships: 

A CRM software can help agencies to improve customer relationships by tracking contact information and interaction history. This information can help understand customer needs better and provide them with the best possible service.

Increased sales: 

A sales CRM can help agencies to increase sales by tracking leads and opportunities. This information can be used to identify new sales prospects and close more deals and also integrates with project management tools to provide you a complete picture of your customer journey.

Better decision making: 

A CRM software can help agencies make better decisions by generating reports on customer, sales, and project data. This information can be used to understand trends and make decisions about future projects.

Improved marketing: 

A CRM can help agencies to improve their marketing by automating tasks and personalizing campaigns. This can save time and ensure that marketing campaigns are effective.

Improved sales pipeline management: 

It can help agencies to improve sales pipeline management by tracking the sales process from start to finish. This information can be used to understand where deals are in the pipeline and ensure they close promptly.