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Brevo makes marketing automation easy. You can reach your audience using email campaigns or SMS to grow your business.

* Free Plan Available


You will be able to make custom workflows specific to your audience to guide customers through a personalized buying journey. The best thing is that you can test out Brevo for free. Their free plan offers unlimited contacts which you will be able to send 9,000 emails per month.

  • Use Brevo to mass email your potential prospects at scale
  • Use tags in Salesmate to push contacts in Brevo to different categories
  • Affordable solutions as free plan allows 9,000 free emails per month
  • Tier packages are affordable when your contact list grows
  • Automation will save your team’s time so they can focus on selling more
  • Use Brevo engage with potential contacts, once qualified, start nurturing them in Salesmate

Using Brevo & Salesmate is a great option to start pushing the needle in the right direction with limited effort. Let our systems do the work for you. You can easily set up your connection between Salesmate & Brevo using Zapier.

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  • Cancel anytime.