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Visualize your growth by preparing graphs and reports with Google Data Studio. Improve team collaboration by sharing custom dashboards and reports with team members.

* Free


Google Data Studio is a tool that helps you visualize your data and turn it into easy-to-understand dashboards and reports, so you can quickly analyze your data.

Google Data Studio takes datasets from the source (your database) and presents them into charts and graphs, so you can understand and learn about your data. Without visualization, it can be challenging to understand the data, and this tool solves this problem.

We have created a connection between Data Studio and Salesmate CRM so that you can see all your sales data into presentable charts and graphs.

The connector supports the following type of data: Contacts, Companies, Deals, and Activities. When you connect Salesmate CRM with Google Data Studio, you will be able to convert these datasets into custom charts and tables.

  • Fetch your sales leads (deals), contacts, and companies into Data Studio.
  • Drag & drop interface to create custom reports.
  • Generate and share data-specific reports for the desired timeline.
  • Measure & track the performance of your sales with useful charts & graphs.
  • Share custom dashboards and reports with your teammates

You need below three things to get started with this connector:

  • An active Salesmate account*
  • API Key from Salesmate account.
  • Google Data Studio Account.

* Trial or Paid account. Available in Boost Plan.

  • No credit card required
  • Cancel anytime.